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Echo360 (EchoVideo) Universal Capture Personal allows you to record synchronous or asynchronous lectures. This guide covers how to install the software on your computer.
This article contains instructions on how audio files submitted as assignments in Canvas can be uploaded to Stream (on SharePoint) for transcription.
In this article are some tips on ADA Compliance and editing your video transcript in MS Stream Classic.
Stream Classic is retiring is a video tool part of Microsoft 365 – start using Stream on SharePoint.
In this article learn how to download transcripts from MS Stream Classic. NOTE: Stream Classic is retiring and has been replaced by Stream (on SharePoint)
Start using the new Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) where you can create, share and access all videos in Microsoft 365.
Overview of supported tools for teaching and a comparison table of synchronous and asynchronous software.
Student guide for various online tools they have access to where they can learn Canvas, Echo360, join a meeting in Teams, create graphics, presentations, short videos and more.
The Files tool in Canvas provides online storage and file sharing in three places: Course Files, Personal Files, and Group Files. This article includes aspects of each place and offers alternative ways to share media with your students and not affect your course quota.