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We continuously create and keep documentation current for all the tools and topics that we support for our campus. Please view our list of software, hardware, and services we support at SVSU. We offer workshops specially tailored to the needs of staff and faculty. If a department has enough people interested in a topic, we can develop and teach a custom workshop. Register or request a workshop at

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Established technology & teaching tools SVSU supports

While recording your class lectures, do not check grades, email, or anything confidential which violates FERPA policy.

Synchronous Tools

Asynchronous Tools

Other Tools



EchoVideo can be used as a synchronous tool when used to live stream from the classroom, our AV studio, or anywhere with a computer (Mac or PC), recordings are shared with your students in Canvas. The platform offers several ways to engage students including polls, discussions, media interaction, and more. EchoVideo integrates with Canvas, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Zoom. You can upload/store content from other platforms in EchoVideo and share content (e.g., video, audio, or presentation) with students in Canvas two different ways. You can share by Embedding Media in Canvas or Share Media to an EchoVideo Course (Active Learning Platform).

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an overall collaboration hub for classes, meetings, file sharing, and breakout rooms for small group discussions. Teams is perfect for office hours, chat, collaboration, file and screen sharing, audio/video calls, and more. Meetings can be recorded, they are stored in OneDrive. Microsoft Teams integrates with other Microsoft apps as well as Canvas and EchoVideo.


Zoom is a cloud-based video communication tool offered as a paid subscription, it is not currently a University-wide solution. Zoom is best used for synchronous online meetings featuring screen sharing, webcam, polling, and chat. The features available depend on the account type. Zoom recordings automatically copy over to EchoVideo, if you have a pro Zoom account as well as an EchoVideo account. Please contact to inquire about an account. 

Canvas Conferences (Big Blue Button)  - Free tier only

The Conferencing tool allows you to conduct real-time lectures and meetings, with built-in chat. You can share audio, webcam, and your screen, within Canvas. Class Sessions can be recorded, students can view them for up to 7 days only. NOTE: BigBlueButton is not recommended for asynchronous teaching.



EchoVideo is a comprehensive lecture capture and video hosting solution. Think of EchoVideo as a private YouTube channel for each course you teach, with the videos accessible via Canvas. EchoVideo's Active Learning Platform lets you monitor the students that are confused or least engaged, to increase student engagement and success. The classroom tools give student's a voice in their learning and assesses what they have learned or what they have not. EchoVideo integrates with Canvas, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Zoom.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is part of our Microsoft 365 subscription which allows you to create 15-minute screen recordings from the cloud, or store videos to share with others at SVSU. Stream is recommended to be used for student presentations.


Camtasia is a paid per person software that records your screen or yourself (webcam). Camtasia includes advanced editing such as transitions, adding callouts, cursor effects, zooming, and more. The videos you create are stored locally on your machine so they must be uploaded somewhere. 

We recommend uploading your videos to EchoVideo if you are faculty, and Microsoft Stream if you are staff or faculty that want to share outside of Canvas. Note: EchoVideo does not affect your Canvas course quota.


Adobe Creative Cloud

SVSU staff and faculty have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite. The Enterprise license for Adobe includes a full suite of over 20 applications for graphic design, video editing, web development, and Acrobat DC for editing PDFs. Available for Windows and Mac computers. Students do not have access to Adobe apps, only Adobe Express.

  • Organize and Sync files across your devices
  • Share & Discover creative work outside your organization
  • Create and edit PDFs and automatically convert form fields into fillable text fields.

Microsoft Bookings and Bookings with Me

Bookings and Bookings with Me app are part of Microsoft 365 suite. Both apps are that faculty and staff can use to scheduled meetings inside and outside of SVSU.

  • Microsoft Bookings is used for Departments or Scheduling Multiple Staff. Allows users to schedule appointments based on defined availability (in their Outlook calendar) and create a MS Teams meeting automatically if desired. Appointment details can be customized with specific requirements, the link to your Bookings page can be shared in your signature, Canvas, or anywhere. It can also be used for booking (scheduling) events for any department.  
  • Bookings with Me is for your personal calendar, it is web-based and integrates with your Outlook Calendar. Allows you to create custom meeting types and preferences, you can share privately or publicly. Allows users to easily schedule time with you based on your availability. Please Note: Bookings with me, is not the same as Microsoft Bookings which is designed for team and departmental use.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is Microsoft 365's cloud storage allows collaborative editing of Microsoft Office documents. All staff and registered students are eligible to use OneDrive. You can access OneDrive files on the web, use the desktop app, or from the mobile app. 

Only Store Non-Sensitive Data on OneDrive.  Users that store documents and files with personal information must store them on network shared drives, not on local "hard drives" or portable data storage media, or cloud destinations such as, but not limited to, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple iCloud.​​​ Please view our Internet and Network Resources Acceptable Use Policy under General Regulations. You should only store data that DOES NOT CONTAIN FERPA, HIPAA, or PPI data in your SVSU, OneDrive account.


Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor 

Respondus Lockdown Browser is an application used by instructors to secure online quizzes, tests, and exams by restricting websites and applications on students' devices (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or iPad). Respondus Monitor is an addition to Lockdown Browser requiring the use of a webcam that "monitors" a student as they take their exam. 

Note: Videos are stored in Respondus Monitor for 5 years.


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