Camtasia Studio


Camtasia Studio is a  screen recording software that allows you to create professional-looking videos of your computer's screen. Use this software to demonstrate how to use a program, work through a process, or turn an existing PowerPoint presentation into a narrated video.

5 Tips Before You Record

1. Prep your screen, clean it up. Do not have unnecessary apps and programs running. Tidy up your desktop, only keep open programs and windows you plan to show during your screen recording.

2. Turn off notifications. Disable notifications, email, apps, etc. before you record your screen.

3. Check your microphone. Make it a point to check your audio levels before you start recording. Do a ~15-30 second narration test, review the volume levels to ensure the microphone was on or selected especially important if you have more than one microphone.

4. Have a good pace. Don't go too fast with your speech or screen actions.

5. Practice. If you can practice it, do it. Having a script or outline can help a lot.




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