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Teams Meetings recordings now save to OneDrive.  Manage sharing permissions by going to OneDrive, then find your meeting in a folder named Recordings.  Add permissions for those not invited to the meeting as well as guests and external shares.

Teams is a collaboration platform that is part of the Office 365 subscription.  It offers organized IM communication, file sharing, video meetings, and Office and third-party app integration.  Use Teams within departments, for cross-campus communication, file-sharing, or online class meetings.

Watch an MS Teams for Education Webinar

One of the Following is Required

  • Google Chrome
  • MS Edge
  • MS Teams Desktop Version (preferred) - Download it

5 Ways to Create and Host a MS Teams Meeting

  1. Within a Canvas Course
  2. As an Appointment in an Outlook Calendar
  3. Within a Team Channel
  4. As a Meet Now within Teams
  5. To Call a Phone Number (requires Conference Call ability to be applied to your account)

Manage Notifications

Feature Highlights

Breakout Rooms

Meeting Options 


  • MS Support page on how to start and stop a recording
  • Meetings are not recorded automatically, you must press the Start Recording button.
  • Recordings are available within the Chat history tab in Teams.  The person who started the recording can also access it from the Recordings folder in their OneDrive.  
  • MS Support page on how to manage and share recordings.
  • Note that meeting recordings count towards the total 1 Tb of storage space available per user.
  • An upcoming change to OneDrive will cause meeting recordings to expire after 120 days unless the details of that file are edited by the owner of the video.  The expiration settings will be located in the file details section.
  • Transcription is automatically started when recording meetings that were scheduled in advance.  This is not the case for Meet Now meetings.

Closed Captioning


Meet with Non-SVSU-Domain Users

  1. Create an appointment using your Outlook Calendar.
  2. Add the external users as attendees to the meeting.
  3. Add an online Team meeting. This is an option in the appointment settings window.
  4. A link is sent to the external attendee in the Calendar appointment.  While using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to attend the meeting, click the link. The external user does not need a Microsoft account to join the meeting. 

Test your Audio and Video Before a Call

Microsoft Teams Support

Getting Started in Teams