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Teams is a collaboration platform that is part of the Office 365 subscription.  It offers organized IM communication, file sharing, video meetings, and Office and third-party app integration.  Use Teams within departments, for cross-campus communication, file-sharing, or online class meetings. 

This Knowledge Article focuses mainly on Teams Meetings.  To learn about the file sharing, app integration, and chat functions of Teams, explore the Microsoft Teams Support links (bottom of this article).
Note: Students can create Teams Meetings and use all of the tools that Teams has to offer, but only faculty and staff can create a Team within Teams.  More information on what that means is available in the Microsoft Teams Support links at the bottom of this article.  If a student needs a Team created for an RSO or project, faculty advisers can create the Team and then give ownership of the Team to a student.

Watch an MS Teams for Education Webinar

One of the Following is Required

  • Google Chrome
  • MS Edge
  • MS Teams Desktop Version (preferred)
    • SVSU-Owned Computer - Find it in your Software Center
    • Personal Computer - Download it

5 Ways to Create and Host a MS Teams Meeting

  1. Within a Canvas Course
  2. As an Appointment in an Outlook Calendar
  3. Within a Team Channel
  4. As a Meet Now within Teams
  5. To Call a Phone Number (requires Conference Call ability to be applied to your account)

The Teams/Canvas integration is a good place to create meetings with your students – especially your entire class. Outlook Calendar and the Teams app work well for meetings with individuals or groups that are not part of your class.

Manage Notifications

Feature Highlights

Breakout Rooms

Meeting Options 


  • Meetings can be recorded automatically, but that does not happen by default. Edit the Meeting Options to record a meeting automatically when the meeting begins.
  • MS Support page on how to manage and share recordings.
  • Anyone invited to the meeting can view the recording, they do not have to have attended.
  • Recordings count towards the 1Tb Office 365 quota.
  • Recordings, on the OneDrive, will expire after 120 days. 
  • ​​​By adjusting OneDrive options, the expiration date can be extended, or completely removed, as necessary.
  • It is best to upload recordings to Echo360 if they are needed longer. To automatically copy all recordings from the OneDrive Recordings folder to Echo360, follow the "EchoVideo: Sync Your Videos on your OneDrive to your Library" instructions found under Related Articles.
  • There are no video editing tools within OneDrive.
  • Recordings are stored in OneDrive.  It is simply a video file that exists in a cloud storage system.  OneDrive does not offer any video editing.  Because it is an online video, students can easily scrub through the video and skip around to parts that interest them.  If the organizer would rather, they can download the video from OneDrive and upload it into Echo360 where they can edit it and store it, long term, in their Echo360 Library.  
  • The person who started the recording can also access it from the Recordings folder in their OneDrive.  
  • There are multiple ways to get to the meeting recording.  You can launch the recording from:

Launch Recording from Canvas

See Related Article, at right, on Microsoft Teams Meeting Integration with Canvas for instructions on viewing the recording from Canvas.

Launch a Recording from Teams

  1. Open the Teams app.
  2. Navigate to the chat for the Team meeting.
  3. Click the Recap tab. 

View more about Meeting Recap in Teams at this Microsoft Support Page.

Open the Teams app. Navigate to the chat for the Team meeting. Click the Recap tab. 

Launch a Recording from Outlook Calendar

  1. Open the Outlook Calendar.
  2. Navigate to the meeting event.
  3. Click on the meeting.
  4. Choose View Recap
  5. Find the Meeting Recording listed in the Recap tile of the Meeting window.

View more about Meeting Recap in Outlook at this Microsoft Support Page.

Open the Outlook Calendar. Navigate to the meeting event. Click on the meeting. Choose View Recap Find the Meeting Recording listed in the Recap tile of the Meeting window.

Closed Captioning


Polls App

Meet with Non-SVSU-Domain Users

  1. Create an appointment using your Outlook Calendar.
  2. Add the external users as attendees to the meeting.
  3. Add an online Team meeting. This is an option in the appointment settings window.
  4. A link is sent to the external attendee in the Calendar appointment.  While using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to attend the meeting, click the link. The external user does not need a Microsoft account to join the meeting. 

Test your Audio and Video Before a Call

Microsoft Teams Support

Getting Started in Teams


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