Making MS Teams Meetings Recordings ADA Compliant


Teams meeting recordings save to OneDrive with the transcript, there is not a built-in transcript editor, it is machine-generated so it may not be error-free. With keeping Universal Design in mind, it is recommended to edit your transcript for accuracy, especially if you are reusing it.

Download your transcript from OneDrive

In OneDrive, you will need to download your transcript so that you can edit it to meet ADA Compliance for all viewers.

Open Chat in Microsoft Teams, and locate your meeting. The transcript will be located in the Teams Chat history next to the recording.

  1. Click on the Meeting transcript
  2. Click the three dots  
  3. Click Download as .vtt

Teams chat downloading a transcript


Edit your Teams Meeting Transcript

To edit your transcript for accuracy, you can upload it to one of our supported tools:

Teams Resources for Accessibility

Microsoft Support article: Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams


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