Easy Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Rush


Adobe Premiere Rush (PR) is a beginner-friendly video editor offering basic features and functionalities. You can create professional-looking videos on your desktop computer and mobile devices with Premiere Rush. Use the Premiere Rush to easily combine videos, rearrange them, clean up audio, add transitions, and add picture-in-picture easily. Premiere Rush is a robust video editor that can sync to the cloud, projects can import into Premiere Pro, and you can sync it across multiple devices (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile).   

Who has access?

All faculty and staff have access to Adobe Premiere Rush, you will need the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app installed on your university or personal computer. 

Adobe Premiere Rush (PR) - Getting Started  

You will need the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app installed on your PC or Mac computer. Click the links below based on your computer type, the guide provides instructions for obtaining, downloading, and installing Adobe Creative Cloud for SVSU faculty and staff:

Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud - desktop app

Once you download the Creative Cloud app, you can select which apps to download onto your computer.

To install PR, in the left menu, under Categories click Video then Premiere Rush, and click Install (refer to the sample image below).

Adobe Premiere Rush install

Launching Premiere Rush

The home interface will display your library of videos that you can open and manage or you can Create a New Project.

Editing your video with Premiere Rush

You can easily edit on your PC or Mac. Here are links to articles of the most common questions we get asked.  Alternatively, you can click Learn inside of Adobe Premiere Rush for a library of tutorials. 

Share your video

Easily share your video with others or download it for use in our supported platforms, upload to Echo360 (academic use) or Microsoft Stream (non-academic).

Learn Adobe Premiere Rush  

Learn the basics, or refine your skills with the tutorials inside of Premiere Rush, click Learn. Use the Sample media inside of PR before working on an actual project.

Adobe Premiere Rush (PR): Mobile 

If you are interested in recording video using the camera on mobile device, download the mobile app to capture a video, or add media from your device and create a video project. Easily sync it to the cloud, the video appears as available media inside of Adobe Creative Cloud files allowing you quick access for editing and sharing.

PR Mobile Help Guides

Adobe Premiere Rush FAQ's

Can I import a Premiere Rush project into Premiere Pro? 

Yes, you can edit projects in Premiere Pro, however, you cannot import projects from Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Premiere Rush at this time. 

Need IT Help?

If you need help getting started or need assistance, email support@svsu.edu, call us at 989.964.4225(x4225), or register at svsu.edu/workshops, we offer multiple sessions throughout each semester.



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