Using MS Teams to Call a Phone Number

Please note that to complete these steps you MUST have been issued a Microsoft Conference Call Number.

  1. Open your Outlook calendar.
  2. Create a new appointment.  If this is a call that will happen multiple times, you can create the appointment as a repeat appointment.
  3. Complete title, date, time and other necessary fields. 
  4. Invite attendees as needed.  This would include student employees who may be initiating phone calls to other students.
  5. Use the Add online meeting drop-down box to select MS Teams Meeting.
  6. At the time the phone call is scheduled to take place, open the appointment within the Outlook calendar.
  7. Click the Join button to join the Teams meeting on your computer.
  8. Select to use either the Desktop Version or to Join on the web instead.
  9. Click the Join now button.
  10. Click the Participants list icon to open the Participants panel.
  11. Click the field at the top to Add someone or dial a number.
  12. Type the number of the person you are calling.
  13. Select the phone number from the list to call the person’s phone.  You will be speaking through the computer, but the person you are calling will be speaking into their phone as a regular phone call.
  14. When finished with the call, click the red receiver icon to Hang up.


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