Phone User Guide


SVSU provides standard phones to faculty and staff in their offices. This guide is a quick how-to to get familiar with them, troubleshoot common issues, and learn helpful tips.


Phone Layout


Each SVSU phone has the same buttons and layout, and this image shows the locations and purposes of each.

Functions from top left to bottom left, then top right to bottom right:

  • Call Log - Missed Call Indicator, Set ID #, & Date/Time
  • Message/ Press to Call Voice Mail
  • Contacts
  • Home (Previously/Menu)
  • Headset
  • Speaker On/Off
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Prompt Line
  • Line/Feature Buttons
  • Soft Key Labels
  • Soft Keys
  • Navigation Arrows
  • Phone/Exit Button
  • OK Button
  • History/Previously Call Log
  • Speaker, Receiver, & Ringer Volume Control
  • Speaker, Receiver Microphone Mute

This image is simply a diagram of the phone. To read more about each of these buttons see the images below which describe their function and how to use them. 


Voice Mail 

In order to set up your voice mail you will need to call the appropriate number. If you are on an SVSU phone the extension is 4097, and if you are using a personal device it is 989-964-4097. When prompted for a subscriber mailbox number that will be your personal SVSU extension number. If asked for a security code, this will be 1234 by default until you change it. 

Setup instructions

  1. To set up your voice mail, call the appropriate number listed above which will take you to the CallExpress system. 

  2. Follow the instructions over the phone and click the appropriate buttons

  3. Depending on SVSU policy you may have to press certain keys, such as the pound (#) key, or the subscriber mailbox number described above. 

  4. Continue to follow the steps and enter your password, also described above, when prompted

Common functions

These are some common functions you may want to use regarding your voice mail, messages, and how you handle them. 

Getting started
  • Press 1 to listen to new messages
  • Press to listen to saved messages
  • Press 7 to listen to and recover messages (from this session only) that you have marked for deletion
  • Press to review, forward, delete, or save messages you have selected
  • Press to record a message for another user 
After creating a message
  • Press 0 8 to leave a number where you can be reached
  • Press 0 2 to mark a message as urgent
  • Press 0 5  to request a return receipt
  • Press 0 1 to request a future delivery
While listening to a message
  • Press 1 4  to increase the playback speed
  • Press 1 7 to decrease the playback speed
  • Press to skip ahead 5 seconds
  • Press to skip back 5 seconds
  • Press to skip to the next message
Setting up your mailbox
  • Press 3131 or 35 to change your busy greeting
  • Press 315 to change your name recording
  • Press 3133 or 36 to change your out-of-office greeting
  • Press 314 to change your password
  • Press 3132 or 34 to change your standard greeting


Common Phone Issues

These are some common issues that users have when using the SVSU phone system. Follow the instructions for each one to troubleshoot it for yourself, then contact the IT department with any further issues you might have. 

Phone makes a half ring then hangs up

There is a “Send all” button on your phone. If there is a check mark near that on your phone, you will need to press that button to remove the “send all” option. That should make your phone ring. The "Send all" button is used to forward all your calls to voice mail. See the image below for the location of the button on your phone. 

Each phone has a screen, and the second tab from the left on the bottom has the "Send all" function. Clicking on the corresponding gray button below will toggle that on or off.

To send calls to another extension

  1. Press Call Forward. You will hear a dial tone. 
  2. Enter the extension to where you want the phone transferred to. You will hear a double tone. 
  3. Hang up
  4. In the upper left corner you will see a phone with 2 green arrows. That means your phone is in forward mode. 

To undo: Simply press the Call Forward button and it will remove the forward. You can see the location of these buttons using the same image above. 


Phone Shortcuts

The following are some shortcuts for use with SVSU phones, including transferring your office phone to a cell, cancelling a transfer, and accessing a voicemail from off campus. 

Transfer your office phone to a cell phone or other line

Please note that this can only be done from on campus. 

  • Press *20
  • You will hear a dial tone
  • Input your office extension number (4 digits)
  • You will hear a dial tone again
  • Press 9 and the number you are transferring to. You must enter the area code if other than 989.
  • If you input the wrong number, follow the directions below to remove the transfer and start over.

Remove a transfer

Please note that this can only be done from on campus. 

  • Press #20 plus your 4-digit office extension number
  • You will hear three beeps

Access voice mail from off campus or another line

  • Dial 964-4097 (or 989-964-4097)
  • Press *#
  • You will be asked to enter your office extension number (4 digits)
  • The system will ask for your pass code


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