Phone Shortcuts


This article provides directions on how to transfer your phone to another number, cancel a transfer and how to access voicemail from off campus.  


Transfer your office phone to your cell phone or another line:

This must be done from on-campus

  • Press *20                                                                            
  • You will hear a dial tone
  • Input your office extension number (4 digits)                      
  • You will hear a dial tone again
  • Press 9 and the number you are transferring to.  You must enter the area code if other than 989.
  • If you input the wrong number, follow the directions below to remove the transfer and start over.

Remove a transfer:

This must be done from on-campus

  • Press #20 plus your 4-digit office extension number
  • You will hear three beeps


Access voicemail from off campus or another line:

  • Dial 964-4097 (or 989-964-4097)
  • Press *# 
  • You will be asked to enter your office extension number (4 digits)
  • The system will ask for your passcode    


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Tue 4/19/22 2:05 PM