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12 Rules for Naming Files

The purpose of this Knowledge Article is to help SVSU employees stay organized by providing a common set of rules to apply when naming files. The conventions are primarily intended for use during the creation of word-processed documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other data files to be stored in a file storage location. Similar conventions should be applied to folders within a directory structure.

File Management

Best practices for selecting a file storage location and file naming conventions.

M Drive Access On and Off Campus

All SVSU employees and students have access to their own personal M Drive where they can store files and host web pages. The M Drive may be accessed on campus when logged into a computer, or from off-campus using V-Drive.

Microsoft 365 OneDrive Policy (3.5-1)

This article covers our OneDrive policy for your account at SVSU.

Phone Shortcuts

This article provides directions on how to transfer your phone to another number, cancel a transfer and how to access voicemail from off campus.

Server Patching Policy (2.3-1)

Server Patching Policy