Microsoft 365 OneDrive Policy (3.5-1)

OneDrive accounts are subject to the following:

  • Space limit of 1TB which includes any files in the Recycle Bin or removed from the Recycle Bin. Users should contact the ITS Support Center if space issues are encountered.
  • ITS does not restore deleted files.
  • A single file, multiple files, or entire folders in OneDrive can be deleted. Once deleted they are moved to the Recycle bin.
  • Files deleted within 30 days may be restored, including versions, using the “Restore OneDrive” option in the Settings (gear) menu.
  • Files manually emptied from the Recycle Bin will be moved into the “Second-stage recycle bin”.
  • Files in the Recycle Bin will be automatically moved into the “Second-stage recycle bin” after 30 days.
  • Files remain in the “Second-stage recycle bin” (link at bottom of Recycle Bin screen) for 93 days and are recoverable during that time.
  • All files are property of SVSU and a copy is retained for legal purposes, including deleted files, for at least 3.5 years. When deleted/modified files become older than the 3.5-year legal retention period, a copy is no longer retained.
  • When a user’s email account has been deactivated for 3.5 consecutive years, its MICROSOFT 365 license will be revoked and all files, including the copy for legal purposes, will be permanently deleted. This process is initiated by custom ITS Technology Access routines.
  • Users switched from a full MICROSOFT 365 license to a limited license lose access to OneDrive (Although files will be inaccessible due to limited licensing, they will not be purged. Only revoking licensing will result in files being purged.)
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