MatLab install instructions - Student

**If you are using a checkout laptop provided by SVSU - please STOP here and visit the Support Center for assistance with installation**

The MatLab software may be accessed by either installing the program onto your personal computer or by accessing it on the SVSU Virtual Lab computers.

Please follow these steps if you would like to use the virtual labs:

  1. Go to the mySVSU portal (
  2. Click on the students tab.
  3. Select Virtual Computer Lab from the menu.
  4. Log into the SET and Geography lab.
  5. MatLab should be on the desktop.

Below are instructions on how to install the software on your personal computer.

Step 1:

Visit the Available Software page found at:

The screen should look like the below image:


Step 2:

Select MatLab from the menu of available software.

This will then redirect you to the MatLab website as seen below:


Step 3:

Click on the blue button down in the bottom left labeled  Sign in to get started 

Step 4:

After clicking on the sign-in button, you will be directed to a login screen for MathWorks as seen below. Follow the onscreen prompt to either log in or set up a MathWorks account.

Make sure you use your SVSU email address when logging in to the account.


Step 5:

If you are creating an account, make sure to verify the email.

It should look similar to the below email, simply click on the blue Verify email button:


Step 6:

After clicking the Verify email button, finish filling out the account information, check the box to accept the terms, and click Create down in the bottom right.



Step 7:

Once you have created an account or signed into an existing account, you should be greeted with the MatLab home page as seen below.

From this page, you can 

  1. Open MatLab in the browser by clicking on Open MATLAB Online.
  2. Install the desktop version by clicking on Install MATLAB.



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