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What Kind of Computers Should Students Bring to SVSU

While SVSU provides access to computers throughout campus (open access areas and kiosks near print release stations), students and their families often ask what kind of computers they might need for their coursework.  The following information is not exhaustive, and is intended to provide a starting guideline for what technology to consider to help ensure a successful experience while attending SVSU.

Information Technology Services compiled feedback from faculty representing several College Departments.  The insights they provided suggests common equipment everyone should consider and other technology to avoid - representing experiences they've seen students experience over the years. Below, you'll find recommendations for basic and high-end system configurations, and the type of system to consider for your degree programs within various colleges and departments.

Recommended Laptop Specifications by College/Department


Basic Hardware Configuration
Windows 11 Laptop
or Apple Macbook

  • i5 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 1280x768 res.
  • Webcam w/mic

High-end Hardware Configuration
Windows 11 Laptop
or Apple Macbook

  • ​​​i7 CPU
  • 16GB RAM+
  • 512GB SSD
  • 1920x1080 res
  • 15"+ screen
  • Webcam w/mic
College / Department Recommended or Preferred Laptop Hardware
College of Business & Management Windows 11 Laptop  
College of Science, Engineering & Technology   Windows 11 Laptop
College of Health & Human Services Windows 11 Laptop  
College of Education Windows 11 Laptop  
College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences Windows 11 Laptop  
College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
Rhetorical and Professional Technical Writing
Graphics Design (Art) Majors
  Apple Macbook

Considerations for Online Courses & Exams

  • High-speed Internet is essential for the best experience for online coursework and exams.  There are a variety of providers, be sure to check their coverage (if using wireless technology).  
  • Webcam for video conferencing and exams (Canvas Respondus).
  • Headset to provide audio and microphone, for private conversations.

Devices not recommended

While Chromebooks and iPads/tablets are popular and inexpensive devices (including smart phones), they fall short for providing the necessary requirements to successfully complete coursework and exams; especially for any online collaborative work. Often, it's a software compatibility issue, or a lack of features capable of performing specific tasks, that makes those devices fall into the "not recommended" category.

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