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Blocking File Types in Outlook

For security reasons, SVSU blocks certain file types from being sent in Outlook. This helps keep viruses from spreading, and keeps users' computers and accounts safe.

Encrypting Email Messages and Attachments

Use these methods to encrypt email messages and/or attachments for secure sending to other people.

Install Outlook Email and Calendar on Android and iOS

Use these instructions to get Email and Calendar access using the Microsoft Outlook app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

O365 Email Policy

O365 email policy

Outlook: Use Microsoft Findtime app to Schedule Meetings

FindTime integrates with your Outlook calendar and is easy to use. FindTime provides the organizer a convenient way to schedule appointments with attendees of calendars you have available to you and propose meeting times to people outside of the organization.

Remove Legacy Exchange Email Account from Android, iOS, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar

For security reasons implemented by Microsoft and SVSU all 3rd Party mail applications including: mobile device mail, and Apple Mail, and Thunderbird are unable to get SVSU Email and are not supported. Below are instructions for removing legacy Email settings from your phone or Mac OS computer. For the best user experience and security, use the instructions below to get Email and Calendar access using the Microsoft Outlook app.