O365 Email Policy (3.4-1)

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Email accounts are subject to the following:

  • Space limit of 50 GB which includes any email deleted from the Deleted Items folder. If the account reaches this limit, the account will be unable to receive new email.  Users should contact the ITS Support Center if space issues are encountered.

  • ITS does not restore deleted messages.

  • If items are deleted from the Deleted Items folder, the user has up to 14 days to recover them by using the “Recover Deleted Items from Server” option available in the menu ribbon of the Deleted Items folder.

  • Messages in the Deleted Items folder will be automatically removed after they reside in that folder for 3.5 years.

  • All email is property of SVSU and a copy is retained for legal purposes, including deleted email, for at least 3.5 years.  When email becomes older than the 3.5-year legal retention period, a copy is no longer retained.

  • When an email account has been deactivated for 3.5 consecutive years, its O365 license will be revoked and all email, including the copy for legal purposes, will be permanently deleted.  This process is initiated by custom ITS Technology Access routines.


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