Creating Email Rules - to move emails to specific folders

You can create rules that tell Outlook how to handle incoming email messages i.e., Move all message from "email" to Inbox or a specific folder that was created.

Click on the Gear, top right

Select “View All Outlook settings”

Under Settings select Mail

Under Layout Select Rules

Select + Add New Rule

Name your Rule

Add a condition (what emails)

Add an action (where to move the emails)

Click save


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Microsoft Outlook is the campus-wide email system for all SVSU students, employees, and alumni.  The server implements a spam-content filter that places known spam messages into quarantine holding.

CAUTION: Execute extreme caution when viewing these messages. They have been held in quarantine for a reason. Many times because these messages are associated with SPAM or Phishing activity. Do not click links or open attachments contained within the messages.