Echo360 Classroom Player

Classroom Player Overview

Review the highlighted sections in the image below, the descriptions of each are underneath the image. The Classroom Player has many features surrounding the engagement tools, navigation, changing the layout options, and more, see the example image and definition of the classroom player and tools below.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Player Overview

Echo360 Classroom Interface
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  1. Class title: Name of your class session
  2. Q&A (Overlapping conversation bubble icons): Click the icon to open the Q&A (Discussion panel)
  3. New Question (Conversation bubble icon with +): Click the icon to ask a new question.
  4. Flag icon (Confusion): Displays the number of segments that students have flagged as confusing.
  5. Transcript icon (document with volume symbol): Click to display transcript.
  6. List icon: Click to exit the class and enter another class without exiting the classroom.
  7. Exit the Classroom: Click on the name of your course (upper-right corner) to exit the current classroom.
  8. Player controls: Play, back, forward. Start and stop the video.
  9. Duration: Displays the duration of the video/presentation.
  10. Location: Displays location of in a presentation.
  11. Heatmap: Displays a visual overlay on your video, (can be toggled on or off) shows the segments that have been watched the most.
  12. Volume: Click on the button to adjust the volume.
  13. Sources: Click to view different video/presentation views, if you have recorded just your computer screen you will only see one source.
  14. Closed Captioning: Click this button to turn on captions for the video (will be greyed out if it isn’t enabled).
  15. Options (gear icon): Click the button to change the video playback speed.
  16. Layout display (bottom-right): Click this button to toggle between views picture in picture, side view, or tiled video views.

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Changing the Media Display

The media display icon (bottom-right) in the Classroom Player allows the ability to change the layout of how media items display (e.g., picture-in-picture, a side-by-side view, and tile view.

An image: Media display button in the Classroom player