MFA - Oath Token Method Setup

Setting up a Oath Token

This method authenticates your account using verification codes generated on the Oath Token, it is a device, the size of a flash drive, that displays a 6-digit code, on a 30-second rotation. If you would prefer video instructions for this setup please click here, otherwise continue reading below.

ITS recommends to download and Install the Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App. See Related Articles (right of this article) for instructions. 

Request or Purchase an Oath Token

Depending on your role at SVSU, you may use an Oath Token to verify your account.

  • Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Staff – request your first Oath Token, free, from the IT Support Center.  Replacements must be purchased through Campus Financial Services.  You will leave Campus Financial Services with a receipt only.  Exchange the receipt for an Oath Token at the IT Support Center desk.
  • Students – purchase an Oath Token through Campus Financial Services. You will leave Campus Financial Services with a receipt only.  Exchange the receipt for an Oath Token at the IT Support Center desk.
  • Save the receipt and bring it to the IT Support Center to confirm the purchase.  After verifying your receipt, you will be given your Oath Token and the IT Support Center will register it to your account. 
Important Note: You must have the Oath Token in your possession before selecting to use it as your default method. It is suggested that you complete MFA set up while you are at the IT Support Center, and picking up your Oath Token.

Log into a computer

  1. On a computer, visit and login with your and your password.

    Important Note: If you have already set up your preferred method, you will need to authenticate with your previously chosen method. If you get a message that says “Login failed…” please contact the Support Center, 964-4225, so we can check your account status.
  2. Once logged in, you will land on the Security info page, and should see the Hardware token as sign-in method on the My Sign-ins page. 
    MFA - Security info page - Hardware token - call out
    Note: If you had other sign-in methods set up on your account, you will need to set the hardware token as your default sign-in method.

Change your Default Sign-in Method to use your Oath Token

  1. If you are already logged into My Sign-Ins via your Security Portal, click the Change link. If not you will need to log into and sign in with your email and password.

    MFA - Security Info - Change default sign-in method
  2. Select App based authentication or hardware token-code from the list of options.
    MFA - Security Info - Change default sign-in method to app based authentication or hardware token

  3. Click the Confirm button.
  4. You will see a green notification box appear (upper-right of your screen). You have now changed your default sign in method to use a Oath Token.
    MFA - Security Info - Change default sign-in method updated

Authenticating with an Oath Token

After setting up an Oath Token as your default sign-in method, when you try accessing an SVSU service a message will appear on the device's screen saying, “For security reasons, we require additional information to verify your account.” You will be prompted with an empty box to type the code that appears on your Oath Token.  

  1. Turn on your Oath Token (press the red power button), a secret six digit code displays. Note: This code will only display on the Oath token screen for 30 seconds.

  2. Type the six digits that display into the empty verification code box on your computer or the device you are using.
  3. Select, Sign In.

    MFA - Hardware token verification and sign in
  4. Once your account is verified your screen will refresh and log you into the SVSU service or software. 

Important Notes on Sign-in Authentication

  • ​​​​The authentication for your sign-in will be valid for that system within that browser session for eight hours (for most systems).  Unless you close the entire browser session, close the authenticated browser tabs or log out of any authenticated browser tabs.
  • If you restart your computer, use a different browser, use a private browser window, log in to a different computer, or if eight hours have passed, you will need to authenticate again.
Forget your Oath Token? You can choose another authentication method by clicking "Use a different verification option." You will see a list of sign-in methods to choose from, click another method to verify your account.

Note: If you do not have another sign-in method set up on your account, you will need to call the SVSU IT Support Center to get into your account call us at 989.964.4225, or visit us in the Zahnow Library, 1st floor. 


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