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Multi-Factor Authentication known as MFA, helps ensure a user's identity when attempting to use SVSU software and systems.  It requires SVSU users to verify their account login using two layers of authentication. Without authentication, your log in will fail on any application that uses single sign-on for a SVSU system.
Manage account security information and sign-in methods used to verify your account during MFA and Password Reset.
Instructions on setting up the recommended sign-in method for MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Encrypt documents and email messages containing sensitive information.
Purview Device Data Loss Prevention (DLP) limits copying and pasting sensitive data into a browser and certain desktop apps, as a security measure, to stop sensitive information from being unintentionally shared or exposed online. It works by confirming the intent to copy sensitive data, reminding the user to protect against data leaks or breaches.
This page includes all SVSU ITS Security policies categorized into sections. Not all policies are viewable to the public, so some links may not work for everyone. If you have a specific question you can reach out to ITS for more information, at x4225.
Accessing KnowBe4 Training.
Reporting a Security Incident
When an endpoint is suspected of being compromised and direction to proceed has been received from the ITS security manager, these steps should be taken ASAP by ITS personnel.