How to Create a PDF from a Colleague Report

How to Create a PDF from a Colleague Report

When running a Colleague report, unless it is a specific printer name, the default is for the report to go to Hold/Browse File Output.  If you want to create a PDF, follow the instructions below.   

Click Save All on the printer definition screen, keeping the Output Device set to H.  You can enter the name of the report in the Banner field, but it’s also okay to leave this field blank.

When the report finishes running, it will open on your screen. 

To save the report, click Export PDF. 

Then click Create PDF. 

When the next box appears, right click on Download and choose Save link as… 

Choose the directory you want, enter a File name and click Save.

Close the Report Browser screen by using the X in the corner.

If you have any questions, please open a Colleague General Assistance Ticket via



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