How to Scan, QA and Link Documents in Perceptive Content (ImageNow)


This article describes the steps to scan, QA and link documents in Perceptive Content.


Verify Kofax Settings (First time logging in to scanning station only)

  • Click on Start – Scroll down the list of Programs – Kofax VRS -Kofax VRS Test Console
  • Click Select - Scanner
  • Select scanner Fujitsu fi-6###(Certified…) (ex. Fujitsu fi-6140 (Certified ISIS: fi6140c.pxn))
  • Click OK
  • A Kofax icon will appear in your system tray called Kofax VRS
  • Right click on Kofax VRS icon, and select Profile - My Default Settings
  • Exit out of Kofax

Login to Perceptive Content


  • Remove ALL staples, paper clips, sticky notes, etc. before scanning.
  • Insert documents into the scanner.
  • Click on the plus sign next to Capture and choose the profile that matches the drawer for the documents you are scanning.  Documents will begin to scan.
  • If you click on the Capture word (instead of the down arrow) it will invoke the last used capture profile.

After you are finished scanning, you need to Quality Assure (QA) the batch

  • Click on the plus sign next to Batches and choose ‘Ready for QA’. 
    • This will open the Perceptive Content Explorer and display batches ready for QA. 
  • Double click on the batch/line that you want to QA.
  • Verify the scanned image is good then click ‘Mark page as OK’.  (You can also click on the green check mark in lower left corner.)
  • If the scanned image is not good, click on ‘Rescan this page’.  This will replace the first scanned document. 
  • The rescan will only read 1 side.  For flatbed scanners, you may need to put the document upside down.
  • If the scanned image is still not good and requires cleanup, you will need to open Virtual Rescan via the icon in the toolbar and choose Preview.  You can change the settings until the document looks good then click OK.  You will then need to rescan the document.  After the rescan, you need to go back into Virtual Rescan and reset the settings changed before scanning other documents.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Do NOT use the ‘Commit this batch’ task.  You need to view each scanned page.
  • If you exit out of a scanned batch before QA is completed for each document, the next time you come back you will start where you left off.  You can exit out with the red X or the task ‘Suspend this batch’.
  • Any page that is not needed (blank page, page with instructions, etc.) can be deleted by clicking on ‘Delete this page’.
  • You can press F5 to refresh the screen.  This is useful if you come to QA and the status is in process.
  • To view large icons, right click on toolbar at the bottom and select Customize.  Click on the Options tab.  Under Other check box next to Large icons.  Click close.

After you QA the batch, you are ready to link it

  • Click on ‘Ready for Linking’.
  • If linking to Colleague, open the screen and record in Colleague.
  • Double click the batch you want to link.
  • Select the correct application plan from the pull down list.
  • Click ‘Link this page’ under Batch Processing Tasks or the gold key in the toolbar at bottom of screen.
  • Fill in the Document Keys (if linking to Colleague these will populate automatically unless it is a manual entry field).
  • Choose the correct Document Type.
  • Click ‘Save this page’ under Batch Processing Tasks or the disk in the toolbar.
  • If you have more documents to do, it will open the next one.  You then need to open the record in Colleague and click on ‘Link this page’ and repeat the steps above.
  • If you need to skip a page in the batch, click on ‘Hold this page’.  It will move on to the next page in the batch. 
  • To link an entire batch, in Perceptive Content Explorer click File - Options - Batches.  Under Link Groups, select ‘All pages in batch’ and turn on ‘Prompt user for verification’.  To turn this off, Select Custom Size = 1.
Relink (limited by user access)
  • In the Perceptive Content Viewer
    • For all pages in the batch: Enter the new document key(s) and click Save.
    • For individual pages: Right-click thumbnail and choose New Document. Update correct fields and choose page range. Click “Remove selected pages from current document”
  • In the Perceptive Content Explorer
    • Highlight document
    • Right click in the column that you want to edit and choose Edit document keys
How long should original documents (hardcopy or electronic) be retained after they have been scanned or loaded into the ImageNow system?
  • IT Services recommends retaining documents for at least one day. Documents in Perceptive Content/ImageNow are backed up nightly.
  • Should a significant disaster occur in the main computer room, disaster recovery would result in restoration from backups that are at the most one night old.
  • Retaining original documents beyond the one day recommendation is a departmental decision.

Scanning documents to PC, not into Perceptive Content

  • Open My Computer
  • Right-Click on Scanner
  • Click Scan
  • Choose Microsoft Office Document Scanning
  • Click OK
  • Choose Custom Scan Options as Needed
  • Click Large Scan Button
  • Click Save button to Save Scanned Image
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