Mac Printer Installation

Adding a Print Queue on a Mac

Follow the instructions below to add a print queue on a Mac.  You will need to know the name of the print queue, and use %20 in place of blanks in the queue name.

1) Go into System Preferences and open Print & Scan.

2) Click the + symbol on the left side to add a print queue.

3) Click IP and enter the following information

a. Protocol: LPD

b. Address: server address (

c. Queue name, it may be necessary to use %20 instead of spaces.

d. Name: Name the printer (usually the same as the Print Queue).

e. Location: Optional

f. Print Using: Select the Appropriate Driver (Generic for Labs)

4) Click Add and the printer should be added.


Adding a Printer from SVSU Mac Self Service

Printers can be installed from the SVSU Mac Self Service application.  

1.  Open Applications>SVSU Mac Self Service

2.  Browse for the printer that needs to be installed

3.  Click the "Install" button

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