Add New User To An Encrypted Mac

The Mac FileVault encryption solution does not allow new user profile creation to happen automatically.  Follow the instructions below, to create a new user profile so that they can use the Mac in the future. This process requires two people - one user who already uses the device, and the other being the new user needing to use the device.

  1. Log into an enabled account on that device (current user)   
  2. Hit “log off” option
  3. Have the new user log into their account
  4. Log off
  5. Log into the same account as Step 1
  6. Go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy>FileVault
  7. Click the lock symbol to unlock settings and enter password
  8. Click “Enable Users” and click “Enable” for the new user
  9. Have the new user enter their password. 
  10. Restart the computer


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