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SVSU strives to find balance between acquiring modern/advanced technology and being fiscally responsible, including compliance with regulations and security protocols. ITS has developed standard equipment lists for ordering computers and laptops, and has Software Available on Campus.  

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ITS provides assistance with:

  • Consultation for computing needs (for both office & labs)
  • Providing ordering details for standard purchases
  • All campus software licensing is reviewed by ITS and Business Services.
  • Installation of ordered hardware & software

Faculty Academic Technology Plan (ATP)

  • Faculty computer systems are on a 5 year replacement plan.
  • Every September, ITS contacts users whose system is eligible for replacement; providing instructions on requesting a replacement.

Computer Lab Technology

  • Primary teaching labs, classroom podiums, and open labs/kiosks are also on a 5-6yr replacement plan.
  • Software needs are reviewed annually, with new requests needing to follow Software for Computer Labs Guideline

Campus Printing

  • SVSU has adopted a centralized print management solution to help lower operating costs, increase efficiency of shared resources, and to eliminate waste where possible.  All employees and students are encouraged to "think before you ink" and to utilize shared devices whenever possible. Visit the Print Management site to learn more about the various printing features and policies available to campus users.
  • Administrative offices have reduced the number of individual printers, using central network printers and/or multi-function printers (MFP).  The MFPs provide network printing, copying, and scanning and may require authentication to release secured print jobs.
  • SVSU faculty also have access to shared MFPs throughout campus. For those with special circumstances, individual office network printers may be requested and approved for purchase through their respective department chairs and deans. Refer to the related article SVSU Standard Computer Hardware to find purchase information.

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