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Services or Offerings?
Request installation assistance with software on your university-owned computer.

Request additional purchase information for Hardware, Software or Printer purchasing information.

SVSU has certain software licenses available for personal home use.

This service is used by ITS to track Colleague software updates.

Get assistance on SVSU supported software here

VPN software is used to create a secure connection back to SVSU resources.

Dynamic Forms is one of the University's electronic forms software.

TransForm is one of the University's electronic forms software.

Slate is The University's CRM software. It is used by the admitting offices.

Request assistance for equipment moves/relocation, hardware/software installation, virus removal, rebuilding/re-imaging system for a new user, recycling equipment, consultation services.

CROA, Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics, is a tool to write reports from Colleague data.

Classroom technology is crucial to learning, report issues with it here.

Multi-Factor Authentication instructions and options.

Use this service if your account has been compromised, you fall for a phishing scam or other reasons that you believe may have compromised your account. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY -

Use this service to request a new server be built. Depending on the type of server and requirements there may be a charge for this service.