Software for Personal Home Use

Service Description

The software listed below, provide various personal home use options for SVSU employees and students. To get software for university-owned systems, please use the Software Licensing service. 

Requirement of Home Use
As part of the licensing agreements, users agree that all installed copies of personal home use software provided by SVSU must be uninstalled when you are no longer an employee or registered student of SVSU.  

Available Software for Home Use Portal

Visit the Software for Home Use portal:

  • Microsoft Office 
    • Install Office on up to 15 devices (5-Windows, 5-Mac, 5-Mobile)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express
    • Always authenticate using the Employees Federated ID (your SVSU username & password)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
    • Always authenticate using the Employees Federated ID (your SVSU username & password)
  • SPSS Premium 
    • Licenses expire on July 1 every year
  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools
    • Special development tools for CSIS Students & CSIS Faculty Only
  • MatLab
    • Scientific application used for Engineering courses

SVSU Information Technology Services (ITS) provides access to home use software on personally-owned devices.  Due to the complexities of personally-owned devices (their configurations, other software installed, and possible malware infections), ITS is not able to provide personal service of home devices.  ITS will provide guidance and recommendations on how to troubleshoot personal computer issues. Most often, uninstalling previous versions of software and clearing temp files will mitigate many computer issues - including installing software.

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