Azure Portal instructions for CSIS students

How to Access the Portal

As a CSIS student, you have access to much more software that is not available to students in other degrees. The software can be accessed through the Azure portal found on the Available software page here SVSU Available Software.

On this page, you will click on this tile to enter the Azure portal

This will open a new window that will require you to sign in with your SVSU account.

Once you log in it will ask you to verify your identity through a phone number. This is a form of 2-factor authentication. 

This screen will ask you whether you would like a text message or a phone call where it can send you a code. Once you select your option it will provide a spot for you to enter the code on the screen


How to find available software

Once you have completed the log-in process and have entered the portal you will see this screen:

Click on the Software button on the left-hand side

This will take you to all the software you have access to as a CSIS student.

You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find a specific software or scroll through the list to browse.

How to Install and Activate a Product

Once you have found the one you need to click on it and it will bring up a window on the right side of the screen like this:

1. Click on View Key and copy the license key it shows on the screen
2. Click on Download to download the software
Once you have downloaded the software and installed it. You will need to enter the license key 
*If you download an OS it will ask for the license key when you install that OS on a machine.
To do this you will open the software and it will show a screen requiring a Product Key

Enter the Key you copied from the Azure portal and press Activate Office to continue.
If you have issues after the key:
  • Please re-copy the key from the portal.
  • Inside the software click on Account in the bottom left corner