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Microsoft 365 Groups include communication tools, file storage and sharing.  The biggest benefit, of Microsoft 365 Groups, is it's file storage capacity of 1TB, along with it's ability to manage communication, notes and files related to a focused idea.  Groups might be used for:

  • File storage capacity is 1TB for each Microsoft 365 Group that you create.
  • Short term or long-term projects that require email communications, meeting notes and related documents be stored within one access point.
  • Files that need to be shared among multiple offices across campus.
  • Combining email communications, notes, web resources and documents related to a common theme.
  • Collaborating with guests who are non-SVSU-domain users.

Email Alias

Request an email alias for your Microsoft 365 Group from the ITS Support Center.  The Microsoft 365 Group email alias is a shorter email address for your Group.  It makes it easier for people outside of your Group to send messages that all members of the Group have access to read.  All members can also reply to messages received to the Group.  Those messages will come from the individual who is responding.  If messages should appear to come from the Group instead of individuals, specify to the ITS Support Center which members should have "Send As" permission for the alias.  Any new members needing "Send As" permission from the Group email alias must inform ITS Support Center.

Microsoft 365 Group - Support Pages

Favorite a Group

  1. Open the People tool from Outlook on the Web.
  2. In the left menu, click Groups and select Owner.
  3. A list of the Groups where you are an Owner are listed.
  4. Select the name of the Group.
  5. Click the Add to favorites button in the top menu.  Follow the same steps to unfavorite a Group, click Remove from Favorites.

    Outlook on the web favoriting a Group
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