Dreamweaver WebDAV Settings

WebDAV Settings

To connect to your M Drive or M:\public_html\ web folder, enter these WebDav settings when:

  • Using either a personally-owned or SVSU-issued computer
  • Connected to the internet via one of these:
    • home network
    • SVSU network
    • SVSU Global Protect VPN
  • Using one of these:
    • File Explorer (Win)
    • Mac Finder (Mac)
    • Dreamweaver (Win, Mac)
      • In the top menu, select Site. Then click New Site or Manage Sites.
      • Click New Site, or select an existing Dreamweaver site.
      • In the Site setup window, click Servers in the left menu and follow the steps below:
    • Cyberduck (Win, Mac - only via SVSU-issued computer with Global Protect)

Server Name:  SVSU
Connect using:  WebDAV
URL:  https://vdrive.svsu.edu/htcomnet/hcwebdav/0/Home%20Folder/public_html
Username:  SVSU username
Password:  SVSU password
Web URL:  https://mypages.svsu.edu/username/

Direct M Drive Access

From the Related Articles section, view the article, M Drive Access On and Off Campus.


SFTP is not a supported connection method.


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