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Anti-Spoofing Procedure for Executive Level email

The president and other’s email has been spoofed for phishing attacks.  This procedure provides guidance and instructions on how ITS will handle anti-spoofing for Executive Level email accounts that are the subject of spoofing

Creating a Major Incident Ticket and Adding Child Tickets

The purpose of a Major Incident is to link "like" tickets together to streamline incident management during large production down (break-fix) issues affecting multiple people and/or systems.  Incident management is intended to be a very fast process, helping users get back up and running—with workarounds if need be—to address break-fix issues.

Equipment Disposal

From time to time ITS may have surplus computer equipment that is obsolete to the University, but may have value to others. This policy ensures that the equipment is disposed with the best interests of the taxpayers in mind.

Grant Equipment Disposal Guidelines

The Grant Equipment Disposal guidelines are provided to help ensure that ITS follows the Federal Regulations that must be followed when disposing of equipment purchased with federal funds.

Guest Access to the SVSU Network

To allow guest access to the campus network.

Information Technology Related Purchases Policy (4.4-1)

This Information Technology Related Purchases policy is a supplement to the Purchasing and Check Requisition policies included in the Operations Manual and the Procurement Card policy.   The following documents purchasing/payment rules related to information technology related purchases.

IT Asset/CI Management Guidelines

This document will outline the process to be followed for tracking the lifecycle of IT assets. IT assets include end-user devices, classroom technology, servers, networking devices, software and applications.

ITS Time Tracking

On-call Remediation Time Tracking is currently available on all Network and System Admin related Services.  If you are involved in an approved on-call remediation record the amount of time you spent on these tickets or tasks (events) after hours.

Information Security Time Tracking is currently available on all Information Security related Services.  If you are involved in any Information Security Services you should record the amount of time you spent on these tickets or tasks (events).


ITS Change Management Guidelines

The purpose of the ITS Change Management Guidelines is to document the methodology, policies, procedures and processes to be used for ITS change management at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). This document is not meant to be a change management training document.
This is an internal ITS document and is not intended to be incorporated into the SVSU Operations Manual.

ITS Non-Compliant Technology Policy (2.6-1)

There are certain scenarios where various departments require unique technology and equipment that may be outside the scope of Information Technology Services (ITS) responsibility or ability to support and may not meet security compliance/standards. This document is to outline the policy requirements for those scenarios where compliance cannot be maintained (i.e. research equipment with special/unique devices attached for data acquisition and/or analysis).

ITS Photo ID Policy (4.1-1)

ITS Photo ID Policy

Remote Desktop Support Policy (3.3-1)

To ensure confidentiality of files stored on customer desktops and to ensure the trust customers have in ITS.

Reporting a Security Incident

Reporting a Security Incident

SVSU Travel Abroad Technology Checklist

SVSU Travel Abroad Technology Checklist

Tech Access Network Indicator Use

This is an internal ITS article explaining the use of the tech access network indicator.

Technology Access Adobe Licensing Process

When a user is granted access to email via the Technology Access (TA) routines, an associated Adobe license is activated (applies to employees and registered students). There are two Adobe Product groups to manage Named User License access: SVSU Employee – All Adobe Apps and Creative Cloud Express Premium. All eligible users with a valid Named User License are provided online storage via the Creative Cloud Express Premium license (2GB).