ITS Photo ID Policy

ITS Photo ID Policy


The purpose of the ITS Photo ID Policy is to align the use of photo IDs when ITS personnel are working in customer/end-user environments with the security best practices of ensuring users are able to identify that authorized personnel are actually doing work on their devices or in their work area. 

The Policy

  • All ITS personnel will be issued an "Information Technology Services" ID. 
  • The ID will contain their picture and name. 
  • The ID is issued at Campus Financial Services Center.
  • Campus Financial Services Center will contact the employee's supervisor to validate issuing the ID.
  • ITS personnel will have the option of a lanyard or belt clip. 
  • ITS personnel will wear this ID whenever they are working outside of their immediate workspace so that they are easily identified as authorized IT employees if challenged for credentials.
  • The photo ID badge may be used only by the individual to whom it was issued.  Employees may not “loan” their ID badge to anyone for any reason.
  • Employees shall surrender the ID badge to their supervisor upon termination of employment, beginning an extended leave of absence or when requested.
  • A lost, stolen or misplaced photo ID badge is to be immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor.  A replacement ID badge will be issued as necessary and a record of the lost ID badge noted.
  • If an employee transfers from one department to another or an employee’s name changes, a replacement ID badge will be issued.
  • The photo ID badge may be worn attached to a clip, in a clear plastic card holder, on a lanyard or other device clearly visible.
  • The photo ID badge must be free of decoration.


(Sample ID) Information Technology Services will replace IT Technical Services



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