Remote Desktop Support Policy


To ensure confidentiality of files stored on customer desktops and to ensure the trust customers have in ITS.


  1. ITS support staff may, in the course of providing phone support to a customer on campus request to remotely access the customer’s desktop.  See script below for non-SVSU systems.
  2. The customer must physically acknowledge and permit the remote access of their desktop by clicking on a “Connect” button in a pop-up (depending on the application being used).  The idea is that they’re physically granting access to ITS to take over control of their system.
  3. The customer will be advised when the remote support is disconnected.
    1. The support person will be sure to actually terminate the session (not just close the browser or power off the PC)
    2. The support person will ask the customer to verify that the session has terminated.
  4. For non-SVSU equipment (student and off-campus personal computers), remote support is limited to diagnosing and capturing error messages or video samples for further troubleshooting and suggesting fixes; but not taking control over personal systems.  If in doubt, seek your leader’s advice.  Note.  There is a one-step in Cherwell for Support Personnel to use in terms of the script (see below).
  5. Remote support is available for Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.


Script for remote support of student and other non-SVSU owned equipment:

With your permission, I would like to do a remote connect with you and your system.

Okay, first I have to let you know that we only use this tool to observe and help troubleshoot your situation.

I'll have you navigate and will suggest changes.  I also have to let you know that we cannot guarantee the impacts of the changes, since we are not familiar with all aspects of your system.  Are you ready?

Okay - I need you to open your browser (or a new tab) and …. (then describe the process for the remote tool you’re using).



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Tue 10/6/20 4:32 PM