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Device DLP

Purview Device Data Loss Prevention (DLP) limits copying and pasting sensitive data into a browser and certain desktop apps, as a security measure, to stop sensitive information from being unintentionally shared or exposed online. It works by confirming the intent to copy sensitive data, reminding the user to protect against data leaks or breaches.

Document and Email Encryption and Protection

Encrypt documents and email messages containing sensitive information.

External Storage Media Encryption and Disposal

External storage devices used for storing sensitive data need to be encrypted and properly disposed of when no longer needed. This article goes into the methods of encryption, plus instructions on proper disposal.

Flash Drive Encryption

Bitlocker is Microsoft's built in encryption method for files and flash drives. It ensures that whenever anyone tries to access them they have to enter a password, either for a specific file, folder, or an entire drive. There are different requirements and instructions depending on what your current Microsoft OS is. The first part of this article will describe how to check this on your device, then follow the links below it to the section that corresponds with your version.

Incident Response - At the Endpoint

When an endpoint is suspected of being compromised and direction to proceed has been received from the ITS security manager, these steps should be taken ASAP by ITS personnel.

Report a Phishing Email Message

If you receive a Phishing email, please report it to IT Support Services by following the instructions for the version of Outlook you use.

SVSU ITS Security Policies Main Page

This page includes all SVSU ITS Security policies categorized into sections. Not all policies are viewable to the public, so some links may not work for everyone. If you have a specific question you can reach out to ITS for more information, at x4225.