My Recently Visited Services

TeamDynamix is the University's service and project management system.  It is used by Information Technology Services and University Communications.

mySVSU is the University's portal that provides quick access to Office365, change password, Canvas, maintenance request and more.

CROA, Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics, is a tool to write reports from Colleague data.

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

An additional name for your email account. Note: A valid reason is required.

If you find two or more records in Colleague for the same person, please report it so IT Services can mark one as a duplicate.

SVSU has certain software licenses available for personal home use.

Perceptive Content, formerly known as ImageNow, is the University's document imaging system.

Request Colleague items to be moved from test1 to production or from development to test1. (ITS use only)

This is an internal form for ITS only! Data Center / Data Closet Access must be approved by the Executive Director of ITS or their delegate.

Use this service to request assistance from Information Security for compromised accounts or systems that need further investigation to determine the extent of the compromise.

A mailbox that multiple users can use (typically for departments).

Use this service to request a file be restored from a file server (e.g. J:Drive, M:Drive, etc.). OneDrive files can only be restored by the user.

Report broken or non-functioning devices that need to be fixed or replaced (offices, labs, podium computers, kiosks). Report items like PC, Mac, and their peripherals, Digital Signs/TVs.

Use this service if your account has been compromised, you fall for a phishing scam or other reasons that you believe may have compromised your account. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY -

Request assistance with Colleague printing and/or EasySpooler.

Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to report off Colleague live data.

Request additional purchase information for Hardware, Software or Printer purchasing information.

Synoptix is a reporting tool used by the Controller's Office to report Colleague financial data.

Request assistance for equipment moves/relocation, hardware/software installation, virus removal, rebuilding/re-imaging system for a new user, recycling equipment, consultation services.

The world has gone wireless, but there are times that a wired network port is needed.

Non-person related calendars, e.g. meeting/conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, project, or vacation calendars.

Request installation assistance with software on your university-owned computer.

TransForm is one of the University's electronic forms software.