Account Access & Permissions

Service Description

SVSU places high importance on security of technology and data resources.  One security measure requires individual user accounts with strong/complex passwords and to have proper access to data and resources. Most resources will require a supervisor or department leader to issue/approve the request.

Student Accounts

  • New accounts are created upon students being admitted to SVSU.

Employee Accounts

  • New employee accounts are created, once all official employment paperwork is completed in HR.

New Account Activation

  • Click the link above to find instructions for First Time Activation Requirements, password rules, and enrolling for self-service password reset. 
  • All new accounts are automatically created for admitted students and new employees.
  • Every new account requires activation, where it requires a new complex password be established along with self-service recovery options.
  • Do not forget to enroll for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Request Access to Existing Resources

Supervisors of various technology resources may submit a request to provide individuals access or permission to specified resources.  Click Create Ticket above to start the process. 


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