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Services or Offerings?
Request access to Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer and Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

Request access deactivation for Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer and Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

When an employee leaves the University, their supervisor can request access to their email. If the employee leaving is retiring, an alumni, student or continuing as an adjunct faculty, they will be given a new username for email access.

This is an internal form for ITS only! Data Center / Data Closet Access must be approved by the Executive Director of ITS or their delegate.

SVSU employees may request accounts for non-SVSU users to have special technology access. Temporary or "Wireless Guest" accounts must be handled via, or requested through The Conference Center.

Owners, or managers, of department shared folders (file shares) must submit a request to grant permissions to their department shared folders to specific users.

Request changing a personal user print account to charge prints against a shared department/grant account.

Find information about reserving computer labs and where students can access computer resources.

mySVSU is the University's portal that provides quick access to Office365, change password, Canvas, maintenance request and more.

CROA, Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics, is a tool to write reports from Colleague data.

Request assistance with Colleague printing and/or EasySpooler.

Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to report off Colleague live data.

Perceptive Content, formerly known as ImageNow, is the University's document imaging system.

Quick ticket for students to request technology