This includes all IT security related issues including phishing, computer viruses, system vulnerabilities, account & system compromises.

Services (12)

Account Access & Permissions

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

Compliance & Standards

Use this form to request assistance from Information Security for Compliance & Standards.

Compromised Account

Use this service if your account has been compromised, you fall for a phishing scam or other reasons that you believe may have compromised your account. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY -


Use this service to request an Office 365 eDiscovery.

Information Security Investigation

Use this service to request assistance from Information Security for compromised accounts or systems that need further investigation to determine the extent of the compromise.

Information Security Remediation

Use this service to report systems that need patching or configuration changes that are discovered through vulnerability scanning or other means.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication instructions and options.

Security Incident Reporting

Security Incident Reporting is used as the final analysis of security events or alerts that need to be escalated.

SIEM Alert

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) deals with alerts that are received from the SIEM system.

SPAM Notification

ITS does not take any action on emails that are reported as SPAM.  Did you know that you can report the email as SPAM by clicking on Junk and following the prompts.  Reporting SPAM as Junk will help the SPAM Filters learn and possibly prevent future SPAM.

SSPR Help Needed

Password management is handled under our Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system.

Information Security Other

Use this service to request assistance from Information Security for items not covered by other Information Security services.