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Complete the request form, or for assistance contact Mike Randolph at ext. 7018.

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

Request access to Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer and Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

A mailbox that multiple users can use (typically for departments).

If you have a phone that has stopped working, please click Create Ticket.

Echo360 is a video hosting system that allows a faculty an easy way to capture, edit, upload, and publish media to students in Canvas. If you are filling out this form, you are requesting an Echo360 course which utilizes the Active Learning Platform (ALP). The blue boxes provide important information, or you can click the "?" for more details. Please read questions carefully and fill out each question as it applies to your classes.

Request assistance for equipment moves/relocation, hardware/software installation, virus removal, rebuilding/re-imaging system for a new user, recycling equipment, consultation services.

The following information provides costs for business cards that are printed on one side. For custom designs, contact University Communications at ext. 4039.

Request additional purchase information for Hardware, Software or Printer purchasing information.

Dynamic Forms is one of the University's electronic forms software.

If you need general assistance with Colleague, use this service.

This template file will open in Microsoft Word.

The .EPS files available for download here will be visible when placed in a picture box in your layout. Do not use JPG files for printed publications.

Supervisors should submit this ticket when an employee is leaving the University.

University Communications can loan its portable photo backdrop to your department's event. Guests can take selfies in front of the backdrop.

Find information about reserving computer labs and where students can access computer resources.

Password management is handled under our Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system.

If you cannot determine which service to use, pick this one.

An additional name for your email account. Note: A valid reason is required.

If you find two or more records in Colleague for the same person, please report it so IT Services can mark one as a duplicate.

Owners, or managers, of department shared folders (file shares) must submit a request to grant permissions to their department shared folders to specific users.