Popular Services

Multi-Factor Authentication instructions and options.

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

Complete the request form, or for assistance contact Mike Randolph at ext. 7018.

If you have a phone that has stopped working, please click Create Ticket.

The following information provides costs for business cards that are printed on one side. For custom designs, contact University Communications at ext. 4039.

SVSU has certain software licenses available for personal home use.

SVSU employees may request accounts for non-SVSU users to have special technology access. Temporary or "Wireless Guest" accounts must be handled via Clearpass.svsu.edu, or requested through The Conference Center.

Request access to Colleague, CROA, EasySpooler, Informer and Perceptive Content (ImageNow).

A mailbox that multiple users can use (typically for departments).

EchoVideo (formerly Echo360) is a system used for lecture capture at SVSU allows instructors to record their lectures in a classroom or on their computer, edit and publish to Canvas. If you need help or are new to EchoVideo please fill out this help request form. IMPORTANT: If you need EchoVideo course(s), please fill out the Semester Course Request form located on our EchoVideo Help page at svsu.edu/echohelp click the blue Create ticket button. You must be logged in to see and fill out the form.

The speed of your connection will be the same regardless if you are wired, or wireless, but if you would like a device hardwired, please fill out the form below.

This Service should be used if none of the other server and storage services fit the request.

mySVSU is the University's portal that provides quick access to Office365, change password, Canvas, maintenance request and more.

If you cannot determine which service to use, pick this one.

A Dynamic Form (by Next Gen) allows you to create an interactive form with workflow capabilities (conditional form logic), that is secure and has trackable submissions.

Request Colleague items to be moved from test1 to production or from development to test1. (ITS use only)

Before creating a request for assistance please make sure you have reviewed and followed the procedures for connecting your device to the SVSU network.

Supervisors should submit this ticket when an employee is leaving the University.

Password management is handled under our Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system.

Self-Service allows students and employees to view academic, financial and employment information.