Request assistance with your email account, creating an alias, requesting a shared department mailbox, or calendar resource.

SVSU does not typically "whitelist" email. We require vendors who are emailing on behalf of SVSU (i.e. using the domain) with permission to utilize DKIM. Here is a link that can be provided to vendors / potential vendors on DKIM - We will gladly work / assist departments with communicating DKIM with their vendors / potential vendors.

You can find the O365 Email Policy in the Knowledge Base.

Services (5)

Calendar Resource

Non-person related calendars, e.g. meeting/conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, project, or vacation calendars.

Email - Request an Alias

An additional name for your email account. Note: A valid reason is required.

Email - Request Assistance

Request assistance with email.

Email - Shared Mailbox & Calendar

A mailbox that multiple users can use (typically for departments).

Mailing List

Mailing Lists are primarily used at SVSU for bringing groups of people together from outside the organization via email.