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Create a signature block for your Office 365 emails.

Request assistance with email.

An additional name for your email account. Note: A valid reason is required.

When an employee leaves the University, their supervisor can request access to their email. If the employee leaving is retiring, an alumni, student or continuing as an adjunct faculty, they will be given a new username for email access.

A mailbox that multiple users can use (typically for departments).

New accounts, requests for access to department shares, email, or other technology resources.

Mailing Lists are primarily used at SVSU for bringing groups of people together from outside the organization via email.

ITS does not take any action on emails that are reported as SPAM.  Did you know that you can report the email as SPAM by clicking on Junk and following the prompts.  Reporting SPAM as Junk will help the SPAM Filters learn and possibly prevent future SPAM.

Use this service if your account has been compromised, you fall for a phishing scam or other reasons that you believe may have compromised your account. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY -

The following information provides costs for business cards that are printed on one side. For custom designs, contact University Communications at ext. 4039.

SVSU employees may request accounts for non-SVSU users to have special technology access. Temporary or "Wireless Guest" accounts must be handled via, or requested through The Conference Center.