Related applications are CROA, EasySpooler, Informer, Self-Service and Synoptix. Ellucian's Colleague is the University's administrative system, the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP).

Services (11)

Colleague Data Correction

If you have data in Colleague that needs to be changed and it cannot be done via a Colleague form/mnemonic, create a service request under this category.

Colleague Duplicate Record

If you find two or more records in Colleague for the same person, please report it so IT Services can mark one as a duplicate.

Colleague General Assistance

If you need general assistance with Colleague, use this service.

Colleague Locked Record

In Colleague, a record can only be viewed by one person at a time. If you are trying to view a record and get an error indicating that it's locked, first try contacting the person specified who has the record open. If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, create a ticket.

Colleague Move Request

Request Colleague items to be moved from test1 to production or from development to test1. (ITS use only)

Colleague Printing (EasySpooler)

Request assistance with Colleague printing and/or EasySpooler.

Colleague Software Updates

This service is used by ITS to track Colleague software updates.


CROA, Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics, is a tool to write reports from Colleague data.


Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to report off Colleague live data.


Self-Service allows students and employees to view academic, financial and employment information.


Synoptix is a reporting tool used by the Controller's Office to report Colleague financial data.