Wireless / WIFI Connectivity

Service Description

Before creating a request for assistance please make sure you have reviewed and followed the procedures for connecting your device to the SVSU wireless network.


  • Recommended for smartphones and laptops (devices with a web browser application.
  • Requires your SVSU username and password. Clearpass registration is not needed.
  • It provides an encrypted connection.


  • Recommended for gaming devices, Blue-Ray players, televisions, Roku’s, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, etc.
  • Please do NOT connect smartphones or laptops
  • Devices MUST be registered in Clearpass. See Related Services, Policies and Procedures for information on Clearpass.
  • NAT type for gaming online will always be Moderate or Strict, due to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo use on corporate networks.


  • Recommended for guests with no SVSU user account. 
  • Requires registration each day and has a slower connection.

Related Services, Policies and Procedures

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