Network, Servers & Storage is a broad range of services that encompasses firewalls, internet & network connectivity, wireless, servers, network storage and file shares.

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The University Information Technology Services (ITS) department manages the University Network (the Network). The University encourages Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors, Contractors & Vendors to exchange information using the Network while reserving the right to monitor, manage and control its use. This policy is based on common legal, ethical and professional standards. Adherence to this policy protects all Users and helps keep the Network a safe and rewarding place to navigate.

Visit the following link - to view the Acceptable Use Policy.

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Network services encompasses firewalls, internet & network connectivity and wireless.

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ITS provides Enterprise level virtual server hosting to departments. This category offers access to high performance computing, storage, and security features to deliver mission critical applications and systems.

These Servers & Storage may be hosted in the SVSU Data Center or Cloud resources.

Note. Cloud resources may be covered under specific hosting solutions driven by specific applications, and may not be covered by this Category.

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