Services covering classroom & lab hardware and software training including Canvas, and Echo360

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Canvas Help Request

Canvas is SVSU's Academic Learning Management System. Occasionally, non-academic departments use Canvas for Administrative Training.

Classroom Technology - Report an Issue

Classroom technology is crucial to learning, report issues with it here.

Classroom Technology - Request Other Support

If you have general questions about Classroom Technology, use this service.

Computer Labs & Reservations

Find information about reserving computer labs and where students can access computer resources.

Echo360 Cancel a Scheduled Classroom Recording(s)

If you would like to cancel a scheduled class session or multiple class sessions, please fill out this form so we can process your request.

Echo360 Help Request

Echo360 lecture capture is SVSU's chosen video capture system.

Software Assistance & Training

Get assistance on SVSU supported software here

Video and Web Conferencing

SVSU supports a variety of Video and Web Conference solutions including Polycom, Lifesize, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Echo360 Semester Course Request

Schedule/Live Stream, Record, and Engage Students with an Echo360 course.​​​​​​​ Your students can access a list of all video lectures and presentations and playback as needed inside of Canvas. If you are embedding videos in Canvas, you do not need to fill out this course request form.

Equipment Checkout Request

Short term equipment checkouts can be requested (as long as availability exists)

Online Course Evaluations

Find information about Online Course Evaluations (Evaluation Kit), and submit a ticket if you are having issues.