Adobe Acrobat Installation Guide

  Adobe Acrobat for Enterprise

SVSU End User Installation Guide - Windows Users


SVSU staff and faculty have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software suite through their login credentials. The Enterprise license for Adobe includes a full suite of over 20 applications for graphic design, video editing, web development, and Acrobat DC for editing PDFs.

This guide covers how to self-download and install Adobe Acrobat on your SVSU university machine.


Adobe Creative Cloud 
(all Apps)

Spark Premium


Office, Labs, Home

Office, Labs, Home

Registered Students

Labs only

Labs, Home


Adobe Enterprise Account Access

You will need to enter your SVSU email address then verify your login credentials with Multi-factor Authentication. After validation, you will land on the Adobe home page.

Adobe Account Information - (IMPORTANT READ ME)


Existing personal Adobe ID? If you have an existing Adobe ID personal account, you may migrate your content to your SVSU Enterprise account, see this online Adobe article Manual Migration of Files.


How many devices can be logged into? Only two licenses (office, personal) can be simultaneously logged into. If installed and logged in on more than two devices you will need to sign out.


Leaving SVSU? Adobe offerings will not be available, you MUST download and save your content or transfer it to a personal Adobe account.


How do I get help? If you have questions about your Adobe apps, please visit the Adobe Support page.


Key Benefits of Adobe Acrobat for Enterprise

  • Latest and greatest of Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Access across multiple devices and see recently viewed files
  • Edit scanned documents, convert PDFs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Store and share PDFs online, send, e-sign, and track documents
  • Create, combine, export, fill & sign, password protect documents and more. Online Help Guides

Setup and Use

Open the Software Center



Screenshot Example


In the bottom-left of your screen directly to the right of the Windows icon; you should see the Search icon

Figure 1: Windows Search icon


In the search field type in software.


Click the Software Center Desktop app to open it.




Figure 2: Search (bottom-left of your screen)


From the Software Center window, click the Adobe Acrobat DC icon.


TIP: You can sort by the Application name or type Adobe in the keyword search.

Figure 3: Opening Adobe Acrobat DC - Software Center


Click the Install button.

Figure 4: Install Adobe Acrobat DC - Software Center


An installation status will display on your screen.

Figure 5: Installation Status - Software Center


After installing Adobe Acrobat DC, you need to restart your computer.


Click Restart, then click Restart again to confirm.


Figure 6: Restart your computer - Software Center

Sign into Adobe Acrobat DC




Screenshot Example


Click the Adobe Acrobat DC icon on your desktop or search for it in your Windows Start menu.



Figure 7: Adobe Acrobat DC desktop shortcut


You are prompted to log in to Adobe Acrobat, click Sign In Now.


Figure 8: Adobe Acrobat - Click Sign In Now


On the Adobe Sign in window, enter your SVSU email address then press Tab or Enter on your keyboard.





Figure 9: Enter your SVSU email address


Click Enterprise ID "Company or School Account"


Figure 10: Click Enterprise ID


You are prompted to authenticate your account using MFA, Multi-Factor Authentication.



 Figure 11: Multi-factor Authentication


Adobe Acrobat DC should be open.


Figure 12: Adobe Acrobat DC - Home screen


Set Acrobat as default PDF application



Set Adobe Acrobat DC as your PDF default application, click the checkbox then, click Yes


Figure 13: Set Acrobat DC as default


Set Acrobat as default in two easy steps.

a. Click Change

b. Click Adobe Acrobat DC and select OK to save your changes.

c. Click OK again and close the dialog box.


Figure 14: Acrobat set the default in two steps


Uninstall Acrobat 2017



Uninstall Acrobat 2017.

1. Click the Windows start menu

2. Click Adobe Acrobat 2017

3. Right-click and then select Uninstall.



Figure 15: Uninstall Adobe Acrobat 2017


The Programs & Features window opens.


a. In the list, select Adobe Acrobat 2017

b. Click Uninstall.

c. On the alert box click Yes.


Click Yes when prompted to allow this app to make changes to your computer.


Figure 16: Programs & Features - Uninstall Acrobat 2017


Please be patient while the uninstall completes you will only see Adobe Acrobat DC.


You can close the Program and Features window.


Figure 17: Programs & Features - Acrobat DC



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