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Services or Offerings?
Find information about reserving computer labs and where students can access computer resources.

Report broken or non-functioning devices that need to be fixed or replaced (offices, labs, podium computers, kiosks). Report items like PC, Mac, and their peripherals, Digital Signs/TVs.

Request assistance for equipment moves/relocation, hardware/software installation, virus removal, rebuilding/re-imaging system for a new user, recycling equipment, consultation services.

Request installation assistance with software on your university-owned computer.

Request additional purchase information for Hardware, Software or Printer purchasing information.

Report a problem with a printer or scanner in a classroom, office, or open area.

Classroom technology is crucial to learning, report issues with it here.

SVSU has certain software licenses available for personal home use.

SVSU employees may request accounts for non-SVSU users to have special technology access. Temporary or "Wireless Guest" accounts must be handled via, or requested through The Conference Center.

Complete the request form, or for assistance contact Tim Inman at ext. 4086.

Schedule/Live Stream, Record, and Engage Students with an Echo360 course.​​​​​​​ Your students can access a list of all video lectures and presentations and playback as needed inside of Canvas. If you are embedding videos in Canvas, you do not need to fill out this course request form.