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Explore how to engage students with polls by embedding them in a video or a presentation (PowerPoint or PDF). Create polls from scratch, edit, and reuse them in your presentations or videos. Refine and increase student learning and engagement with embedded polls and use them in your synchronous or asynchronous classes.



Using polling activities in your teaching is valuable to students. Breaking up a lecture with polls helps maintain learners attention and its a great way to measure student comprehension. You can embed polling slides to a scheduled class/Live Stream by adding a Presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) or embed polls into a pre-recorded lecture. Responses can be seen in your library or course in real-time.

Explore how to create polls from scratch, edit, and reuse them in your presentations or videos. Use embedded polls in your synchronous or asynchronous class meetings.

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Self-Pace Tutorial: Embed Polls in a Video. "Creating interactive media by embedding polls into video" use with asynchronous classes.

Embedding EchoVideo Videos with Polls in Canvas

Easily embed videos in a Canvas content window (a plug-shaped icon within Apps). This process embeds a video with polls (known as interactive media) allowing students to playback and participate in a discussion (at instructor discretion). When polls are embedded in a video it plays as normal but prohibits students from viewing sections of the video until they have responded to the poll. All student responses can be viewed or downloaded. 

Getting Started with Embedded Polling

Edit Your Media and Transcript First. Before you add polling questions to your video ensure you have finished any necessary edits to your video and transcript
What is Polling?  A poll is a question type that allows faculty to embed in videos or slide deck presentations in a class. All polls are saved for reuse in your library.
Rename your video with polls. We recommend renaming the title of the interactive media to include - polls so you can distinguish between the original video and interactive media.

Embed Polls in a Video in your Library

Log in to, choose your video from your library and click Add Poll. You can use the playback bar to drag to a specific location or the arrow keys to embed your poll. Select a polling slide in your library. If you haven't used polls in EchoVideo, you can create a new poll to embed (e.g., Multiple Choice, Ordered List, Short Answer, Numeric Activity, Image Quiz).

The video with polls becomes a new media type in your library called Interactive media.

Add Your Video with Embedding Polling in a Canvas Content Window

This is the same process as when you are embedding videos from your library (view image here).

  1. In Canvas, choose the content type (e.g., Assignments, Discussions, Pages, etc.) with the Rich Content Editor.
  2. Click the Apps button (plug-shaped icon) in the toolbar.
  3. Select EchoVideo, if you have not added EchoVideo to your list of Apps, click View All.
  4. All media loads from your EchoVideo library. In the search box, type in a keyword, use the scroll bar, or filter by Type (funnel-shaped icon), select Interactive Media, and Apply.
  5. Select your video with polls, then choose the size and embedding options and insert it in the Canvas content window. Save and Publish as appropriate.

For more details see this article on Embedding an Existing EchoVideo Video into a Content Window or try this interactive walkthrough; learn how the embedded polling works for asynchronous videos.

For Instructors: Viewing Student Responses in your Library

View Poll Responses in your Library. You will see the students that have answered the polls, see overall responses, and date of response in your Library
Real-time data. Views and polling responses are provided in real-time. When students have responded to the poll or have not, you can view the results.

For Students: Viewing and Responding to Embedded Videos with Polling

Viewing a Video with Embedding Polling. Plays like a normal video but prohibits viewing sections of the video until students have responded to the questions. 
Poll markers. Are visible to the student. The video will play until the first poll marker, prompting the student to respond to the poll before they can continue watching.
Responding to an Embedded Poll. Once a student responds to a poll they are locked and cannot be edited. Learn how students respond to a poll.
Students' new to EchoVideo? Share the EchoVideo Student Guide with them.

Add Polls to a Presentation

Creating polls in EchoVideo is simple. Once your presentation has been added to a class, you have the ability to add polls to a presentation to access students and check for their understanding.

Note: If you have not added a presentation view this article: EchoVideo: Adding or Uploading Presentation Slides to a Class – Support (

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