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Respondus 4.0 is used by instructors to create exam/quiz questions in Word and then upload them to Canvas. 

Download Respondus 4.0

Note: Respondus only works on Windows machines, it does not work on Mac computers

To download Respondus 4.0:

  • Access the ELMS page
  • Click on "Respondus 4.0"
  • Once you've authenticated, you will see the link to download Respondus 4.0 along with instructions on how to install it.
    • Note:  Step 2 gives you the information necessary to register Respondus 4.0.  This information needs to be exact, so please copy the information from the instruction page and then paste it into the application.


How to use Respondus 4.0

View the Respondus 4.0 resource page with video tutorials

There are three steps to getting your exam/quiz questions into Canvas:

  1. Create a Word document with your questions (See below for examples of how to correctly format your questions).
  2. Import your Word documents to Respondus 4.0.
  3. Publish to Canvas.


Step One – Create a Word document with your questions

Create a Word document with all your quiz questions (scroll to the bottom of this page to see examples of how to correctly format your questions).  Save this file somewhere you can easily find it.


Step Two – Import your Word document to Respondus 4.0

This video shows you how to import your Word document into Respondus 4.0:  Importing Questions with Respondus (4 minutes)


Step Three – Publish to Canvas

This video shows you how to publish your quiz to Canvas:  Publishing to Canvas (4 minutes)

Note:  When you get to the section on connecting to the server, choose the "preconfigured" setting.


System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7 (Does NOT work on Mac)
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM minimum
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space for program files


Question Format Examples


  • Questions must be numbered.  Use one of the following formats for numbering:  1. or 1)
  • * denotes the correct answer(s)

Multiple Choice Example

1. Who determined the exact speed of light?

a. Albert Einstein
*b) Albert Michelson
c) Thomas Edison
d. Guglielmo Marconi

True/False Example

2. Albert Michelson determined the exact speed of light?

*a) True
b) False

Essay Question Example

Type: E

3. How is the Michelson-Morely experiment related to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity?

Matching Question Example

Type: MT

4) Match the correct name to the discovery or theory.
a. Michelson-Morely = Speed of light
b. Einstein = Theory of Relativity
c. Marconi = radio waves

Fill-in-the-Blank Question Example

Type: F
5. Who is known as the "father of television"?

a. Zworykin
b. Vladimir Zworykin
c. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin

Multiple Response Question Example

Type: MR
6. Which of the following individuals are credited with determining the exact speed of light?

a. Albert Einstein
*b. Albert Michelson
*c. Edward Williams Morley
d. Thomas Edison


Other Respondus 4.0 Resources

Instructor Quick Start Guide





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