Setting Up Online Course Evaluations

Online Course Evaluations need to be set up BEFORE the Tuesday of exam week

The Student View in Canvas does not work with Online Course Evaluations (more info below)

Access Online Course Evaluations (EvaluationKit)

There are a few ways to access EvaluationKit.  Below are two of the most common methods.  If you do not see the links shown below, try a different browser and that usually solves the problem.

Method One – Online Course Evaluation Widget

Log into your course in Canvas.
On the course Home page, scroll down and look for the Online Course Evaluation Widget at the bottom of the far-right column.

Click the link in the widget to access EvaluationKit.

Method Two - Profile

Log into Canvas and click on "Account."


Click on "Profile" and then "Course Evaluations."



NOTE:  It sometimes takes a few seconds for the "Course Evaluation" link to show up, so wait if you don't see it right away.

If you have a student role in any courses for the semester, you will automatically be entered into EvaluationKIT with the Student/Respondent role.  Click on the drop-down and choose “Instructor” to enter the instructor role.  If you are only an instructor in courses for the semester, you will already be in the instructor mode and can skip this step.


Access the Semester's Evaluations

Click on “Manage Courses” in the upper right.


If “Manage Courses” is not available, then it is either too soon or too late to set up your online course evaluations.  Each semester’s evaluation project is added during the 3rd week of the semester and is removed on the Tuesday of exam week.  You will need to set up your Online Course Evaluations AFTER the third week of the semester but BEFORE the Tuesday of exam week. 

After clicking on “Manage Courses,” click the “View” icon to the right of the current semester’s project:


Set Evaluation Dates

Click the “Edit” icon to the right of the course you want to set an evaluation up for:


Enter the dates you want the evaluation to be available to your students.  To enter the dates, click the box under “Course Start Date” or “Course End Date” to open the calendar widget.


Choose the correct date by clicking on the appropriate day on the calendar.  Slide the Hour and Minute sliders to select the correct time.  Click the “Done” button to save your changes. 


You will now see the Course Start and End dates listed in the boxes.  If the dates are correct, click the “Save” button to save and publish the evaluation.


Confirm Online Course Evaluation are Set Up

“Student View” in Canvas will not work with Online Course Evaluations, so you will NOT be able to log into Student View and see if the evaluations are available to students.  The only way you will know that evaluations are available to students is to check the Online Course Evaluation Widget.  Go to the Home page of your course in Canvas and look in the bottom right corner to find the widget:    


This widget will show you the Start and End dates you set for the evaluation, as well as the response rate.  If the start and end dates here are the same (the end of the semester), then your evaluations are not set up.


Evaluation Response Rate Tracker

Click the “Home” button at the top of the page to go to the EvaluationKIT home page, and on the right side of the page is the Response Rate Tracker.  This allows you to see how many students have taken the evaluation.  You won’t see names or details, just the percent of students that have completed it.


You can click on the evaluation title within the Response Rate Tracker to see more details.


EvaluationKit for Students

A link to the evaluation is added to your course for your students to access it.  Students will also receive a pop-up notification when they log into your course, letting them know there is an evaluation for them to take.   

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