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Record lectures or supplemental material online with Browser Capture no software to install and it works on any computer (includes Chromebooks and Netbooks) with a supported browser and requires an internet connection. Record content in multiple ways and can choose from several virtual backgrounds when recording with your webcam.
Bookmarks are great ways to save quick routes to websites or pages that you regularly use, and want to have one place to access. When you are logged into a browser, the bookmarks that you have saved will be available from anywhere you log in from through the cloud. Each browser has their own version, which means that switching browsers will need new bookmarks. If you choose to switch browsers you would need to manually find each website and save it as a bookmark in the new one.
Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.
Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser.
Safari is Apple's default browser for OS X and iOS-based devices.
Purview Device Data Loss Prevention (DLP) limits copying and pasting sensitive data into a browser and certain desktop apps, as a security measure, to stop sensitive information from being unintentionally shared or exposed online. It works by confirming the intent to copy sensitive data, reminding the user to protect against data leaks or breaches.
Find instructions for clearing the cache and cookies for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari for your desktop or mobile device.